If I Could Put Time in that Bottle…

And smash it against a brick wall!

All good things must come to any end and these past few months, as I look ahead to some improvements in lifestyle, and some successes and projects that take less time than in the past, I’m doing pretty well.

There is that matter of my computer club. After about four(?) years, there has been no improvement or time-saving progress whatsoever.

When I first joined the club, it was for a purpose. I had begun to work as a computer instructor, a totally inexperienced teacher, but a very experienced administrator and office technology user. So it was a logical step. For support, advice, mentoring and keeping abreast of the latest developments in technology as it related to workers and also to personal needs.

At that time, I was fighting a spinal issue, and as time moved on it became harder and harder to stand to give my lessons, until I discovered I had breast cancer in 2008 and my 11-year teaching career began to come to a screeching halt. It was a little like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

A few pounds of flesh lighter, and a painful back condition later, I found myself unable to work, and retired in 2009, after a respectable length of time for a career in mid-life. So what now about the computer users group?

Being a loyal to a fault person, I remained a member of the club, but in addition, became more involved in some of the duties of membership. I ran a couple of workshops, I ran a monthly workshop in word processing, I became the programs chair for a couple of years, wildly surpassing any past efforts and raising the bar on using my connections network to help that along.

Being that this is a short history of my efforts to retain my loyalty, I’ll put it this way. I became active in a couple of interest groups, especially the graphics group, which soon revealed itself to be a monthly sales pitch for some video software, and some irrelevant technologies such as 3-D printing and virtual reality software. Enough was enough.

I realized what I needed was to narrow my “causes” down to just a few essentials. So I picked and chose – my faith community; gardening; photography, and digital art. I redefined myself as a digital artist, and began to take day trips and network among some very creative people.

Albeit I found myself among younger, more vibrant, and actually people who used technology to create art. People who weren’t asking the same questions every month from the same seats in the same place. This was the opposite of the evening I presented a workshop in said video program, and nobody admitted to owning or using the program. That night was the last straw.

So, all this being said, it is the end of some things, time has been put in a bottle, stopped up with a used cork stopper, put on a shelf, and is already collecting the dust of ages.

Stanching the urge to crush and smash, I shall dust myself off and move on.


On the Christian Easter

My offering for today the day before Christian Easter –
First, I love the miracle of #MarytheMagdalene coming upon a man, the risen Jesus, in the garden and mistaking him for a gardener. But, I wonder at his realistic advice to not cling to the event as she becomes an apostle at that point. I also personally marvel at the concept of #bilocation, which means that Jesus was capable according to the stories, of being in two places at once. In these stories, he appears to a bunch of people, at the same time. I’m thinking that he is finishing up his earthly mission and yes, leaving us mere humans a little confused.
So, happy Easter! A wonderful time to celebrate the return of our own gardens, and the wonderful spirits as they join us faithfully and renew our faith in the goodness of the universe.

Sketches and Designs

The accepted image, not the final but close.
The accepted image, not the final but close.

Yesterday I noticed that two sketchbooks that I had been putting aside as inspiration had gone missing. Is this the ghost of Dad haunting me after three years in the Summerlands? Probably. He would find the most intimate and annoying way to get through to my feelings. This makes me feel so special.

Today I got word that a photo that I took and was submitted for a widely published calendar has been accepted. This is my first really big (what the Internet is not?) publication. People will actually pay to see what I did.

The memory of working on this photo is bittersweet. Each turn created another turn as I struggled to get the image just right. Not only for the calendar’s use, but for the creator of the design, a very special person who deserves the credit for her creativity and attention to detail.

When we honor nature, we honor ourselves. The books will turn up at some point, and will be a pleasant surprise as they join the myriad of paper goods that are turning up in every closet, every redweld, every corner of my house.

Sketches and photos come and go, but our love of nature and our love of working with each other in design and horticulture, will remain at the forefront and will always be available for us to enjoy.

Holding Onto the Leaderly Spirit

Oh geez. Time to doubt myself. Time to doubt my ability. Time to say I give it up. But to whom?

Giving back requires being 110%, and lately I’ve been thinking about leadership. I’m getting a lot of education in that regard, and it seems that more and more people are asking me for help. So I give it.

But what I really want to do is be successful. So I have to consider the balance between leadership and success (at that). Is there a philosophical arena for these issues? I wonder if this conundrum has already been solved, and if so, by whom. Certainly if I come up with a solution it will be a national holiday.

So, I bumble on. Like the humble bumblebee, I fly without any visible or physical evidence of that ability.

bee, leadership, confidence, bumblebee
Bumble on!

Holding off on FALL Planting – or Putting it Wildly

Someone, a well wisher of very important status, both friendship-wise and wisdom-wise, noted my lament over putting things off (especially the weight on one side of my body). I thought how ironic, that the usual confusion occurs in my grammatically-obsessive mind.

Yes, I am planning a FALL planting. What that means is simply that. To practice a full range of nutritious vegetables and fruits in the home garden, it’s important to time the growth of each plant using the seasons. As we pass through the mid-summer season, and head on into the dark of the year, to use some Pagan concepts, we begin to plan a continuation of our delicious garden offerings.

Maybe this piece should be in another blog, my blog based on garden topics, or in my fictional blog, to conceal the identity of the injured party. But it is here, to keep things straight (especially my left kneecap).

Stay tuned as I notify, notice, notate my progress at each step(!) of the way.

8-5-14 post
Heading for a FALL