A Merry Go Round of Work

The next time I have a yen to do a show, let me remember how tedious and annoying the project can be. You have to print out your pictures, and hope the color is good. You have to deal with resolution, cropping, color, timing issues. You then have to have your frames ready for hanging usually with wires that don’t come with the frame.

That is, after they are cleaned up with Windex(r) and polished to a shine, with no scratches.

You have to make sure you can find the originals on your computer, and then make sure they are saved in some lossless fashion, maybe a *.tif, to make sure that they are printable if by any chance they sell. It is so much work!

This is why I enjoy working online. May the cloud be my gallery, and may everyone enjoy something they can access any time, any where.


Sketches and Designs

The accepted image, not the final but close.
The accepted image, not the final but close.

Yesterday I noticed that two sketchbooks that I had been putting aside as inspiration had gone missing. Is this the ghost of Dad haunting me after three years in the Summerlands? Probably. He would find the most intimate and annoying way to get through to my feelings. This makes me feel so special.

Today I got word that a photo that I took and was submitted for a widely published calendar has been accepted. This is my first really big (what the Internet is not?) publication. People will actually pay to see what I did.

The memory of working on this photo is bittersweet. Each turn created another turn as I struggled to get the image just right. Not only for the calendar’s use, but for the creator of the design, a very special person who deserves the credit for her creativity and attention to detail.

When we honor nature, we honor ourselves. The books will turn up at some point, and will be a pleasant surprise as they join the myriad of paper goods that are turning up in every closet, every redweld, every corner of my house.

Sketches and photos come and go, but our love of nature and our love of working with each other in design and horticulture, will remain at the forefront and will always be available for us to enjoy.

Grounds for thought

It was a lovely day that day that we three went off to see the big-skirted Marilyn Monroe effigy in the westerly part of our county in New Jersey. The thing was it was always a different place even though it was the same place, and the bigger thing, even bigger than our Marilyn statue, was that the lotus was in bloom.trip to grounds for sculputre with Haya & Pat & Darrell 7-14 (569 of 632)trip to grounds for sculputre with Haya & Pat & Darrell 7-14 (610 of 632)
It was a good thing, fortunate really, that my two friends knew the place. I mean, they knew where the main building was, and how to hop on a handy tram when the opportunity arose. There was no judgment here. Lazy is as lazy does. I may not be good at hopping, but i am pretty good at being lazy.

A walk through the main building simply whetted our appetite for art. We were sure that our cameras were on securely. We had our lenses, lens caps, zooms and cleaning cloths safely tucked away in various pockets. What we didn’t have was the direction in which to start. Start! There is no such thing at GFS. All roads lead to even more roads.

trip to grounds for sculputre with Haya & Pat & Darrell 7-14 (603 of 632)At grounds for sculpture, there are indeed many roads. There are a myriad of ways to become lost, immersed in the feeling, the aura of what an artist may have envisioned, and by photographing that vision, you can make it your own. At least that is my theory. In this way, i overcome the personal prohibition of stealing, or borrowing, someone else’s work. At least i can try.

Guilty or not, we strode on, past screaming peacocks (and peahens), past annoying little kids wondering when they would get their promised lunch, past slower or older or just more observant folks out for a stroll.

lotus edited with black border

Some hours later, we found ourselves at the lotus pond. Not surprisingly, par for the course of our little threesome’s recent adventures, there were very few of the flowers open. But the ones who were, they were the focus of our focus for it seemed another hour. The random dragonflies, and butterflies, the lovely colors and shapes of the unusual flowers, gave us endless chances to practice our craft. Not on the man-made, but on the god-given beauty that was concentrated in this great sight. We were so engrossed in the taking and then in the discussion that followed, boring tothose non-photographers who may read this, we forgot the time.
It was a lovely day. The way in, the way out, was itself a study in self-knowledge and discipline. Or a wanton lack of awareness of teh outside world while visiting the world of waterlilies and dragonflies. A light was lit, and the experience will be remembered as well as relived, as soon as we can pack up our gear and make our way back.

Getting Tecchy – All Roads Lead to Redundancy

Today I woke up with a brilliant flash of insight!

Redundancies Reign - 8-14
Redundancies Reign – 8-14

It occurred to me that, with all this silly networking and synching that is going on, and it gets worse every day. The intrusions are non-stop. The only way to prevent popup ads, reminders, and duplicate calendar entries nowadays is to simply disconnect your internet connection, and stay “home.”

But that’s not my workflow/style. I realized that I’ve been using a non-synching application, Adobe(r) LightRoom, on three computers. So I tried everything, and have felt lost in trying to keep my catalogs up to date with the latest files from my cloud server, Microsoft OneDrive (r). I realized that, instead of moving and shaking up the files inside of LR, why don’t I use the great new version of Microsoft’s Live Gallery to move the actual files on my home drive? Then simply synch up each catalog when I open up LR. That would solve a lot of confusion on my part.

Here is where a redundant catalog is desired, but hard to manage sometimes.

So let’s try to utilize this new workflow. It looks like LR is built for using on just one computer. If you are not doing that, and want to back up your cloud files locally, try doing that on a native program like the Gallery. I’ll let you know if I’m successful.

Holding off on FALL Planting – or Putting it Wildly

Someone, a well wisher of very important status, both friendship-wise and wisdom-wise, noted my lament over putting things off (especially the weight on one side of my body). I thought how ironic, that the usual confusion occurs in my grammatically-obsessive mind.

Yes, I am planning a FALL planting. What that means is simply that. To practice a full range of nutritious vegetables and fruits in the home garden, it’s important to time the growth of each plant using the seasons. As we pass through the mid-summer season, and head on into the dark of the year, to use some Pagan concepts, we begin to plan a continuation of our delicious garden offerings.

Maybe this piece should be in another blog, my blog based on garden topics, or in my fictional blog, to conceal the identity of the injured party. But it is here, to keep things straight (especially my left kneecap).

Stay tuned as I notify, notice, notate my progress at each step(!) of the way.

8-5-14 post
Heading for a FALL