Christmas Passed – Decs Deferred

This is the year we were caught by surprise.

There were a few good reasons why our house seemed a poor uninspired effort amidst the joy and celebration visible all around us. We witnessed our neighbors welcoming and hosting a blockful of cars and SUV’s. Although our own family was outside of this arena, it still felt strange to come home and have to navigate a darkened driveway without all those garish eyesores blocking the way.

One of the reasons we forewent all of that was that when the time came, there was a daunting situation. How does an older physically challenged person climb a ladder, get those lights in perfect alignment and take hours doing it. Then, the decorations themselves were old. Old, elder lights that were crumbling with oxidation just like our old bones. Older Christmas village that may have been magical beyond when a small child, looked like a group of old paper covered in sparkles which were quickly falling off. Sad.

Then there was the tree itself. It isn’t a tree; it’s the top part of an artificial tree that was also very old, and long gone and forgotten. The needles are out of proportion to the tree, making it impossible to hang trinkets. This year my patience was lost. The tree sits on the dining room table, making it impossible to use the table in the event of a rare, rare, rare, visit by friend or family.

Hence the desire and the drive to make it up. Yule season, thee is not forgotten nor forlorn. No longer will I ignore, and deny myself the magic and anticipation of the return of the light to the earth.

Next year will be hard, yes, with new involvement in environmental and social pushbacks. Despite not speculating and guessing, my life will be just as difficult as anyone else’s. But I’m up to it.

Putting my needs before anything else, downsizing does not mean ignoring. A modified, sale priced lighting display and new tree that actually looks festive, is a goal. So I made sure of this.

Several shopping trips later, I’ve become the proud owner of a plan that will startle and surprise. I will walk the grounds, splying wires and tiny lights. I will attach, hang, tape and smear sparkles and color over all the surfaces out there. And after the feast of the epiphany on January 6, 2018, I will do the entire act in reverse.

Such is life. Holding breath until it is time to exhale simply causes one to understand the importance and peace of the wait. Seasonal decorations may be held absent now, but will brighten our eyes and hearts in years to come.


Totally Rad! Thyroid Follies Continue

Apparently trying to get something done quickly and efficiently is not in the repertoire any more. I do remember working for a Thoracic/General Surgeon, Director of Surgery in the ’70’s, and boy did we drop everything when the C word was uttered. Routine Halstead mastectomies, hernia repairs, follow ups on cold remedies, we dropped the phone and ran. But these days, one has to wait on a phone line for someone to actually get to their desk and sit and turn on their computers. Or finish their danish. Do they still have those?

I can imagine that that is what’s happening. My surgeon, bless him, has a good staff. They are most likely overworked, and live for the end of their workaday, when they can return to a routine they can understand. I can also understand that, but a patient under the gun, so to speak, cannot fathom a delay when there is a gnawing and a cringing, doubt and yes, fear, over the days to come.

I hope what I heard yesterday, that the planning is happening, is happening. I will be the person if need be, that they say – better call her before she calls back again. I am the only one who can speak for me, so I will.