Take a Deep Breath, and, Reset (the Saga, Part IV)

So I took another plunge into the depths of #Microsoft’s push of Windows 10 onto us whether we are willing or not. These days, though, Apple isn’t making me very happy vis a vis their unwillingness to go the mile on the terrorist phone issue. Then again, I’m no expert.

I was so happy with Kuron, Jim’s Dell desktop, after I reset and downloaded all of my important programs and replugged all the backup drives, that I went for the same thing with Perdia, my new Dell laptop. Not exactly the same result.

I went to my settings, hit Update & Security, hit Recovery and reset. You can do this now. I remember studying and agonizing over wiping my former computers, and how technical it was for me. Now, it’s just a couple of clicks. Wait.

After Microsoft downloaded a fresh copy of Windows 10, which I was relieved for, being a skeptic and inexperienced but one other computer with this, the real work began.

I keep careful record of receipts and keys for my major programs, and was able to install them. Except for an issue with a ghost drive “j” which is persistent even after reinstall of the OS. When I have time, I’ll call Corel and see what’s the problem. Meantime, Kuron is running that small app that came along with PaintShop Pro X8.

So, the lesson is, to know that you need to sign in to your social media and other websites. LastPass is a good help here, as I try to maintain my spreadsheet as well.

As we go forward, it won’t be easier. But at least it’s not harder.



Looking in the Wrong Place or How Did I Miss That?

Last summer, I do recall, I had the hardest time working with a new camera. I had already gone through this business of my DSLR, a Canon Xsi, not having RAW files or CR2’s recognized in my favorite software, Picasa, and Windows Live Gallery, which I completely abandoned. In Picasa, I would see faded squares where the pictures should be, and it was so annoying, I put Picasa aside, as well as Photoshop Elements 10, and began to work with LightRoom 5, which sees CR2’s without any problem. The only thing I missed was the Adobe RAW editor, and it really bothered me.

Now I have a new camera, a Canon T5i, and am very happy with it, although PSE10 still doesn’t produce the RAW window for me. As a result, I’m not using RAW captures any more, which is probably going to affect my current archiving project, where I need to adjust color on old paper. I am very frustrated. So…

Just today, I began to investigate Photoshop Elements 12, having downloaded a trial copy, and having plans to review its Missing Manual (will provide link when I’m done) for my computer group, BCUG.

While first running PSE12, I was experiencing error messages trying to bring an edited RAW file into the edit window. This has since been resolved, but I don’t know if it was the program settling in or the fact that I downloaded an updated copy of the piece needed to do this.

So, while I was fiddling around with this software, I had up on my screen Picasa Photo Viewer, which I use as the default viewer for *.jpgs. Without even realizing it, it was displaying a CR2 bright and clear, and I was astounded, thinking, what did I miss.

Next thing I know, I’m in Picasa and viewing all my CR2’s as if it never had a problem.

Did Picasa fix the CR2 issue? Did I never check this with the new camera? Whatever happened, I was able to crop, lighten, straighten, do everything I needed right in the free program. Sure, it probably wants to advertise to me, but I’m already so far gone there is nothing sacred there.

The only thing I can’t do in Picasa or LightRoom for that matter, is work in layers. When I do need to, PSE will come in handy. And some more training in the program will also be good. But for now, check the results I got. And this is an archive; I don’t want it to be messed up. So I’m happy for the fix, and will continue to figure out the best workflow.

So here is my result using a free program.
So here is my result using a free program.

Wish me luck, and a more observant eye!