Some Ideas for 45’s Earth Day Celebration

It occurs to me that in order to be a good #American, I need to give our elected #RepublicanPresident a chance. He has been working so hard to make America great again #MAGA, I decided to help him make America even greater by offering some ideas for #TrumpAppropriate activities, something that no real human being on this planet would have dreamed of, were it not for the creative vision of this despairing author. So here goes:

  1. #PresidentTrump will pour a vial of mercury fresh from a factory into the #HudsonRiver, to show that #MAGA means that decades of cleaning and caring have little to do with #MAGA. #VicePresidentPence will bless the vial using his powers of very very religious behavior before that.
  2. #PresidentTrump visits an #EPA office with some applications for coal mining jobs, to show that he is the #PresidentforallthePeople and will take any opportunity to flaunt the pullback of regulations protecting the planet from dangerous and polluting behavior.
  3. He will visit a school and show a #PowerPoint of rain forests and explain that they are very very bad for the planet, as they block efforts to grow cattle for the very very important (and delicious) meat industry back here in #MAGA country.
  4. He will participate in a #duckandcover drill and everyone in the childrens’ classes will laugh at how stupid and useless it is to try to escape a nuclear explosion so close to home. This is during the time when they used to have their lunch, which is no longer available to many of the children.
  5. He will burn some nice fresh coal in a small meadow and fan the fumes upwards to demonstrate how lovely it is that companies can now not be disturbed by !government! regulations stopping them from spreading pollution and smog into neighboring fields and cities.
  6. #PresidentTrump will visit a feedlot out there in Nevada or somewhere to prove that the conditions and smells to that we maintain for our meat industry are very very good and stupendous. Afterwards, he will accompany some ranchers to shoot baby wolves and coyotes while the babies are left alone for mom to catch some rabbits. Pictures will follow, by his two sons who love to shoot and photograph dead animals.
  7. He will then speak to the media on how important it is to not worry about #fracking, as he pours a nice tall glass of water that is actually on fire, while an earthquake rattles and dislodges his hair or whatever that is on his head.
  8. #45 will personally destroy with an axe, a grouping of solar collection cells and panels, to show us that this progressive technology which collects light to use for electricity without impacting very much, is so bad for #MAGA #America. He will repeat his usual rhetoric about how he has much much better, stupendous, plans for our energy needs.
  9. #45 will stand on an ice floe in the Antactic and hack it apart with his executive order signing pen, while being held up by a military grade ‘copter. This is not only to prove that nothing happens when an ice floe disappears(?) but puts to use a machine that we need to #MAGA fight our violent enemies, which otherwise may not be used.
  10. To prove once and for all that there is no such thing as “#climatechange” #45 will turn a graph upside down and post it to the #Republican based #Government website showing temperatures going down for the entire planet.

Ideas are welcome. We can do this. We can celebrate #EarthDay as #MAGA-ites and show the world America surely is at the forefront of making Earth itself unlivable for humans and every other living thing, for generations to come.


My Lifetime is Your Lifetime – All 99 Years of It

No, I’m not just coming up from hiding my head in the sand, but if I were, I would bury it anew. Just became aware of more dire predictions about the planet I live on, and it’s obviously true.

Not one to believe, although I am allured by, conspiracy theories, I’ve felt that I can now truly declare, that when I am 99, things just will not be the same.

The year 2050, if things don’t change, the planet will become uninhabitable by humans. Well, we finally did it. We can predict our own demise, while we continue to burn fossil fuels and refuse to address or ameliorate the effects thereof.

That is the status quo. Electing a government in the United States, while not normally a cause for panic, has guaranteed and ensured that we will indeed continue on a trajectory that will result in our own deaths. Oh, not everyone. My generation, and those still living in my parents’ generation, will be quickly disappearing. We are like dinosaurs, mostly ignored and used for getting good seats at movie theaters.

We will continue our lives, on our lifetime retirement and Social Security benefits. We will mostly be content, left alone and given consideration in public places. But our children, and definitely our childrens’ children, will not be so lucky. If they survive massive storms, overpopulation, and disruptions to the infrastructure, they will surely find it hard to breathe when the planet finally gives up the ghost.

Look at it this way. We like families. We like our communities. We give a lot of thought to the future of same. Jobs, homes, more family. What can be so odd about that?

Thanks to the skewing of the 2016 election, there are now possibly proponents of lies, theories, all sorts of stupidity. For instance, it no longer is enough to say, “they don’t believe in climate change.” Well, it’s not a belief. Cavemen did not cavort with Brontosauri. The earth is round. It revolves around the sun, not the opposite.

Just when I thought it was safe, and that my family and community, animals and yes, the planet itself, had survived primitive thinking and behavior, magical thinking and just plain ignorance and prejudice, it has become a reality. Here are a couple of links from whence I draw my information.

Pray we can manage somehow to overcome the billionaire’s insulation from us, the masses, and that my lifetime is not the last lifetime planet earth will endure.





What Needs to be Said

Finally a day to vote, a historic, unprecedented day after a disgusting, horror-filled misogynistic and unfair witch-hunt of a campaign lasting over a year.

And what do you think? #Trump the “other” guy, an old man wearing a wig and constantly licking his dentures while speaking, or not, is proving to be a sore loser. As if being a rapist, cheater, liar, evil fear mongering jerk weren’t enough, he is now opposing the results.

Hey old guy – we the people, the people, people, have spoken. We don’t want you. We want our America to be what it is. It is great. It stands as a shining example of freedom, justice, progress to all the planet. Let’s remember who we are and let’s move on.

We are speaking today.


Addendum: We lost.


Heehee Trump – The Wig Got Too Tight?

So I love irony – here goes – 1. I’ve been boycotting #starbucks like forever. I don’t care I don’t like their coffee and it is very expensive. I couldn’t care less what color what snowflake or rainbow they put on a cup. just don’t write Joe for Jo. So #Donald wants to put more people out of work? What happened to his support of the $15 minimum wage! What a dope. Follow the dots. I guess I’m jealous because I barely made that as a fully certified and accredited graduate with decades of experience and mad skills. But the truth is, I can’t make a decent cup of coffee, not even for the next #presidentialcandidate!
2. Now to wax religious. The solstice brings with it holidays galore. If your faith doesn’t have a holiday, well, that is so sad. As a Pagan, however, and as a Unitarian/Universalist Pagan at that, I am in the best situation possible.
#UUA has a set of seven principles which, if you follow, make all religious observations acceptable. However, the third issue with #hairydonald is his lack of discretion when he threatens free speech. Suppose I were to go and tell a whole country that they would have to honor the solstice and say “blessed be” in December.
Is it because he’s a male brained person? Or old? Or a multi-billionaire? I don’t know for sure.
But I’ll keep wondering and hopefully enjoy my pagan solstice in style with my UUA community.